PFF and the Jabrill Peppers Conundrum

Pro Football Focus (PFF) is at times a controversial website. Namely because the site doesn’t simply regurgitate information (like some annoying blogs we know). Its scouts and experts have their own system of rating player performance that doesn’t consider hype and press clippings.

That doesn’t mean that PFF is always right. Jared Goff was the #4 overall rated player by PFF going into the draft last year (it’s too early to tell if Goff can live up to that but early results aren’t that positive). But former Ohio State star Joey Bosa was ranked #1 and some advanced metrics show Bosa, when on the field, has had an amazing impact in San Diego.

So yesterday PFF came out with its latest First Round mock draft. Guess who wasn’t there? A consensus All-American and Heisman Trophy finalist Jabrill Peppers of the Michigan Wolverines.

Now that article is admittedly the opinion of one PFF analyst, Steve Palazzolo. But it seems hard to believe that Peppers won’t be a first rounder. To be fair, that isn’t the only surprise in Palazzolo’s list. But what is your thought? Is Peppers more hype than production? Or will his incredible athletic skills translate regardless of college metrics.


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