Comparing J.T. Barrett to other Heisman finalists

Okay so here @BigTenRumors (BTR if you will) we’re just saying…

  • DeShaun Watson, Clemson in 2016 – 3,914 yards passing, 67.6% completions, 37 TDs, 15 INTs, 529 yards rushing, 6 TDs, 4.1 ypc
  • Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma in 2016 – 3,669 yards passing, 71.2% completions, 38 TDs, 8 INTs, 143 yards rushing, 6 TDs, 1.9 ypc
  • Jake Browning, Washington in 2016 – 3,280 yards passing, 63.2% completions, 42 TDs, 7 INTs, 66 yards rushing,  4 TDs, 1.2 ypc
  • J.T. Barrett in 2016 – 2,428 yards passing, 62% completions, 24 TDs, 5 INTs, 847 yards rushing, 9 TDs, 4.4 ypc

Both Watson and Barrett saw their individual numbers and QB ratings get worse this year while Mayfield and Browning improved. Barrett should not be a Heisman finalist as his chances decreased drastically during the year. So did some of his peripherals. And as Eleven Warriors surmises Barrett should return to Columbus for his senior season.

It is interesting though to predict what Barrett may do in 2017. It would seem likely his numbers should improve although Mayfield may be the favorite heading into the year. The gulf statistically between Barrett and those other QBs listed above was wide – although rushing yards and relatively low interceptions are positive signs.

And of course Browning somehow isn’t even a finalist this year!?

Perhaps question #1 going into next year – or for the College Football Playoff for that matter – for Urban Meyer is: how can the Buckeyes passing game head in the right direction again?


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